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Control Room Console Furniture and Video Wall Systems

Americon is the leading control room console and video wall manufacturer with more than three decades helping operators and managers do their jobs better. We know that people are more productive and happier in a modern and safe environment designed with their individual needs in mind. To that end, we manufacture a wide variety of ergonomic furniture designs for control rooms, command centers, and emergency dispatch that look great and can be customized to meet any requirement. Our Visionmaster video wall systems are powerful monitoring tools that bring the latest audiovisual technology to the user's fingertips in a cost-effective, easy to operate system that can often be installed in one day.


"Let me bring your vision for your control room to life. It’s as much about affordable prices as quality products and services. I have more than 20 years in the business and know how to work within a budget. Compare us to the others; you’ll be surprised what your money can buy."
I treat every project with equal importance regardless of its size and complexity; no project is too small or too large. Let me help you create a space with control room furniture, and or video wall systems that meets your specific needs. I know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our control room furniture & consoles are manufactured to your specifications and not something taken from a catalog. Since we don’t prefabricate our furniture and video wall products, we are able to originate something that is truly distinctive and sets your project apart from the others.
The projects we have completed are varied and requiring anything from one or more operator workstations, to large command and control centers requiring expert space planning, command center furniture and video wall systems design and manufacturing. All of our projects are supported with the latest manufacturing technology, expert project management and installation services. Because we have in-house designers and technical staff, we don’t have to partner with audiovisual companies in order to provide both command center furniture and video walls systems for an individual projects. This means a single voice for all products and service that reduces cost when purchased as a package.
Product Categories for Control Rooms and Command Centers
You’ll notice throughout this web site that I interchange the words control room furniture, console furniture, control room console, command center furniture, control room desk, workstations, and dispatch furniture. I use all of these terms because they have fundamentally the same meaning and are the terms that owners, designers and manufacturers bring to the conversation.
Control Room Furniture and Video Wall Americon Control Room Furniture and Video Wall Design and Application

Americon offers complimentary initial design services. These services could include needs analysis, space planning, concept drawings, and cost estimate. Products include command center furniture, dispatch furniture and DLP/LED or LCD video wall systems manufactured and installed anywhere in the US.

Control Room Console

Americon Control Room Console Furniture


Americon control room furniture & consoles are made to customer specifications. This furniture incorporates the latest ergonomic designs emphasizing operator comfort and easy equipment installation and service. There is no erector set frame to interfere with equipment access.

Americon control room furniture & consoles have unique surface material that is more durable than conventional laminates. This means your command center furniture will look newer and last longer than any other product on the market. Choose from linear, concentric arc, 120 degree and 90 degree designs. Americon control room console furniture is not prefabricated so that it can be customized and shipped in modules that allow the end user to easily install. However, factory installation is available.
Americon Control Room Console Furniture Americon Dispatch Furniture

Americon dispatch furniture is customized to meet the needs of professionals who are tied to their workstations performing critical tasks for extended periods of time. To this end, Americon has designed dispatch furniture of various shapes and sizes with and without desktop adjustability to make their jobs easier.

Power lifts for sit-stand are either hydraulic, or actuator type depending on the application. All dispatch furniture is designed to make equipment easily accessible and to provide the operator a wide variety of options for adjusting monitors, phones, lights, and keyboards. Dispatch furniture is manufactured in modules that are easily shipped and assembled by end-users, although factory installation is available. In fact, all Americon control room furniture & consoles are designed for easy shipment and installation.
Security Control Room Console Americon Security Furniture

Like other Americon control room furniture & consoles, our security room furniture is manufactured to specifications and is available in linear, concentric arc, 90 degree and 120 degree designs. All security furniture is designed with modular components and a wide variety of accessories including adjustable monitor arms, task lights, and phone mounts.

Unique to our 120 degree security furniture are the custom desktop turrets for rack mounted radios and computers. These turrets are made possible because of the special surface material and free forming process that seamlessly integrates the turrets into the desktop. Alternatively, all rack mounted equipment can be stored in the vented cabinets. The 120 degree workstation combines nicely with our freestanding, matching Visionmaster LCD video walls form a powerful monitoring tool. As with other Americon command center furniture and video wall systems, they can be installed by the owner, however factory installation of the video wall is recommended.
Industrial Control Room Console Americon Emergency Operations Center Furniture

Americon Communicator Series Furniture is specifically designed for emergency management applications. Each module is manufactured to specifications. The desktop accepts an optional monitor flip that disappears the flat panel monitor into the desktop when not in use, and when flipped upward, the monitor is tilted and lowered into a well making it easy for the user to see and communicate with others.

Alternatively, this flexible furniture design accepts steel slat walls for attaching adjustable monitor arms, phones and task lights.
Industrial Control Room Console Americon Industrial Control Consoles

The OMNI control console has the standard features of all Americon control room furniture & consoles plus special designer caps, unique stackable slat walls with passive ventilation system and optional Ethernet hubs with power and USB ports for laptops and other peripherals. This durable console is ideal for process management applications and network operations.

Americon Electronic Media Center Americon Electronic Media Center

The Americon Electronic Media Center is a mobile console designed to replace traditional map cabinets. It’s also an ideal collaboration tool for conferencing and operations management. In particular, military and emergency managers benefit from this product because it’s an efficient method for map sharing and group presentation. The 55” LED backlit display with embedded computer has Windows 8 touch panel control.

Visionmaster DLP/LED and LCD Video Wall Systems Americon Visionmaster DLP/LED and LCD Video Wall Systems

Americon DLP/LED and LCD video wall systems are branded under the Visionmaster label. The Visionmaster is a self-contained, modular, freestanding system consisting of high resolution displays, video processor, supporting electronics and custom cabinetry. Each video wall is manufactured to meet specific equipment and space requirements.

With the Visionmaster video wall cabinet solution, there is no need to mount the displays on the wall or find a separate location for the supporting electronics. Everything is self-contained and easily operated by a keyboard and mouse. Visionmaster video wall systems are easy to install, relocate and expand by adding modules. Its design makes installation possible by anyone with electronics experience, although factory installation is recommended.

Control Room and Command Center Characteristics

The Control Rooms and Command Centers pages illustrate a few of the many projects that we have completed during our 30-plus years in the business. Although control rooms and command centers have similar characteristics, I have prepared separate pages for each category because command centers are often larger in scale and include a wider range of activities than the singular monitoring activities common with most conventional control rooms. The separate Emergency Operations Center page is actually a subset of the command centers page, however given the continuing interest in modernizing emergency management at all governmental levels, I thought it best to focus on our products and services specifically designed for that purpose.
Contact me for a free needs analysis, space planning and quotation. I can guide you through the control room console and video wall selection and implementation process. There are many factors to consider, although finding the right control room console and video wall solution doesn't have to be difficult and time-consuming. Jump-start your planning with ideas from Control Rooms and Command Centers pages. That's where you'll find the latest control room console designs and examples of control rooms, command centers, 911 dispatch centers, call centers, network operations centers (NOC), traffic management centers (TMC), emergency operations centers (EOC), as well as conference and training rooms. These are actual projects with real control room consoles, not the "conceptual" computer renderings of non-existent control rooms you see on other web sites. And if you're interested in seeing the real thing, we have the largest command and control showroom in the US located near Los Angeles, CA. Contact me for an appointment.
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