Furniture Options and Accessories

Americon offers a wide variety of options and accessories for command center furniture, control room consoles, and dispatch furniture. Look to Americon for the latest furniture designs and ergonomic accessories that make your workplace safer and more productive.
Integrated Steel Slat Walls Stackable Slat Wall Option Adjustable Monitor Arms Phone Mounts with Adjustable Arm Slat Wall Phone Mounts
1) Integrated Steel
Slat Walls
2) Stackable Slat Wall
3) Adjustable Monitor Arms 4) Phone Mounts with
Adjustable Arm
5) Slat Wall
Phone Mounts
Slat Wall Storage Shelves Slat Wall Binder Shelves Adjustable Task Lights Crank Style Adjustable Desktops Lever Style Adjustable Desktops
6) Slat Wall
Storage Shelves
7) Slat Wall
Binder Shelves
8) Adjustable Task Lights 9) Crank Style Adjustable
10) Lever Style Adjustable
Motorized Split-Level Desktops Hydraulic Lifting Workstations Steel Frame Integrated Desktop Turrets Integrated Drawer Cabinets
11) Motorized Split-Level
12) Hydraulic Lifting
13) Steel Frame 14) Integrated Desktop
15) Integrated Drawer
Freestanding Drawer Cabinets Mobile Drawer Cabinets Integrated CPU Cabinets Integrated CPU Cabinets with Drawer EIA Rack Mount Equipment Cabinets
16) Freestanding Drawer
17) Mobile Drawer
18) Integrated CPU
19) Integrated CPU Cabinets
with Drawer
20) Integrated Cabinet
EIA Rack Mount Equipment Cabinets Radiant Heat Panels Vented Access Door Radio and Equipment Turret Slat Wall Radio Turrets
21) EIA Rack Mount
Equipment Cabinets
22) Radiant
Heat Panels
23) Vented Access Door 24) Radio and
Equipment Turrets
25) Slat Wall
Radio Turrets
Slat Wall Power-Data Plugs Desktop Tilt-N-Plug<br /> Modules Personal Workspace Manager Segregated Cable and<br /> Power Management CPU Door Racks
26) Slat Wall
Power-Data Plugs
27) Desktop Tilt-N-Plug
28) Personal Workspace
29) Segregated Cable and
Power Management
30) Front and Rear Doors
with CPU Rack
Privacy Hoods Wide Desktop Grommets Flip-Up Key Board and Mouse Storage Integrated Pencil Drawers Articulating Key Board and Mouse Platforms
31) Privacy Hoods 32) Wide Desktop Grommets 33) Flip-Up Key Board
and Mouse Storage
34) Integrated Pencil
35) Articulating Key Board and
Mouse Platforms
Flat Panel Monitor Flips Flat Panel Monitor Flips Binder Carousel Modules Teardrop Shape Storage Modules Custom Library Integration
36) Articulating Keyboard
Pencil Tray Combination
37) Flat Panel Monitor Flips 38) Binder Carousel
39) Teardrop Shape
Storage Modules
40) Custom Library
Custom Storage Cabinets Designer End Panels Freestanding Binder Modules Engraved Logo Panels 24/7 Seating
41) Custom Storage
42) Designer End
43) Freestanding Binder
44) Engraved Logo Panels 45) 24/7 Seating
Adjustable equipment arms for command center furniture and dispatch furniture are an excellent investment. Aside from the obvious ergonomic benefits, suspending monitors, task lights and phones above the desktop makes more space for keyboards and helps keep the work surface clean and uncluttered.
The steel slat wall (backsplash) is designed to support equipment arms, platforms and binder shelves. It’s easy to attach these items to the slat wall and reposition them as needs change. Unlike many control room console manufacturers, we integrate the steel slat wall into the desktop within the same material as the console. This provides more stability for the equipment attached to the slat wall and keeps small items from falling off the backside of the desktop. Integrated slat walls are available in standard 12” and 18” heights; however custom heights can be manufactured to meet specific requirements. Adjustable monitor arms attach to the steel slat wall, or clamp to wide desktop grommets; no tools are needed. The articulating single or dual monitor arms raise, lower, pull forward, backwards and tilt.
Optional desktop lifts for sit-to-stand are available in lever, hydraulic, or linear actuator type.
Motorized split-level dispatch furniture has individually operated desktop surfaces for keyboards and monitors. These workstations have programmable memory controls and CPU storage space with front and rear access. There are no front legs to restrict operator movement and all cables and motors are hidden from sight.
Hydraulic lifting workstations for command and control and dispatch applications are quiet, dependable and simple to operate. They are not typically split-level. These workstations have powerful telescoping legs that lift the entire workstation. Equipment and enclosures move in unison so that everything maintains the same relationship to the operator as the workstation moves up and down. This hydraulic lifting apparatus is more reliable than linear actuators and can be configured to lift more than 2,000 lbs.
Integrated, or freestanding storage modules can be customized in shape and size to meet specifications. They are available in several drawer combinations with, or without locks, and are fully finished on all sides. Custom designs include printer cabinets and rack enclosures; all with leveling glides, or optional casters.
I can assist you with selecting accessories that meet your specific needs. I’m available by phone, email, or Information Request. I look forward to hearing from you.
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