Video Walls for Emergency Operations Centers

There’s been much said about the importance of large screen audiovisual systems for emergency operations centers (EOC) and the need for the latest technology to make accurate decision-making faster. You may still use a front projector in your emergency operations center. However, the days of front projection are numbered given the advent of modern video wall systems and large format LCD displays. The latest display technologies are rear projection and not subject to ambient light problems, are brighter, have a longer life expectancy and lower cost of ownership. In fact, the price of large format LCD displays has plummeted and they are widely available, however care should be taken to buy the rugged industrial version with longer warranties and more source inputs than consumer versions if you want 7/24 performance and dependability. That said, video wall systems are quickly becoming the “gold standard” for the fully capable emergency operations center because they can fill the walls with the largest overall screen size in the smallest footprint at the highest resolution. Unlike individual displays, modern video walls are capable of placing and sizing individual images anywhere on the wall and managing the imagery by either a key board and mouse, or optional touch screen control system. These capabilities go far beyond what you would have with individual displays with individual feeds.

EOC Video Wall1

However, if you choose to go with individual displays rather than a video wall, the norm suggests a minimum of three displays large enough for everyone to see. One display would be assigned to command briefings, one for news and weather, and one for on-going operations. Regardless of the type displays used, they should be able to accept video feeds from a variety of sources including individual computers, networked computers and security cameras, DVD player/recorders, teleconferencing systems, and satellite or cable television.

Video walls like our DLP/LED and LCD Visionmasters are growing in popularity for emergency operations centers because they display so much information quickly and bring large screen quality and performance in a small footprint. Our Visionmaster video wall systems perform particularly well in a dual-purpose environment like a conference room because the Visionmaster's shallow depth makes the most of existing floor space, requires no building renovation costs, and makes a strong business case for investing in the appropriate specialized furniture and audiovisual technology that meet combined requirements.
EOC Video Wall2
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