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Americon designs control rooms and manufactures control room furniture and video walls for critical facilities. In order to keep pace with an ever-changing industry where technology and ergonomics set the pace, we continue to advance console furniture and video wall designs that look great and are unique in both performance and materials.
Americon Electronic Media Center
Announcing a new way to deal with those inefficient map cabinets and oversize paper maps. It’s the new Americon Electronic Media Center designed to replace map files that take up too much floor space and are expensive to archive and store. This media console is also perfect for collaboration in boardrooms, conference rooms, operations centers, and anywhere people gather to plan and make decisions.
Americon Electronic Media Center
The media center is an all-in-one console with built-in 55” touch panel control and powerful embedded computer with 350 gigabits of solid-state storage. Its hydraulics adjusts the angle of the display, and with its heavy-duty castors, can be rolled through a standard doorway. The applications for this console are growing and the return on investment speaks for itself. It gains valuable floor space, reduces furniture costs, is easy to operate, is efficient, eliminates employee frustration and avoidance, and is a perfect decision-making tool.
There’s more information on the Electronics Media Center page. Please contact me for assistance by email or direct at 707.539.3321
Americon 7/24 Chairs
Introducing Americon’s new seating solutions for command and control rooms where durability and comfort are a necessity. We have always offered a selection of top quality chairs for furniture bids; however many of our customers are saying that they are more likely to buy chairs from us if we would offer a wider selection. Thus, we are offering a variety of special chair designs with attractive pricing when purchased with or without our control room furniture.
control room chair
We listen to our customers and strive to meet their expectations with the highest quality furniture products and accessories; chairs being the latest addition to our line up. If I can tell you more about our expanding line of intensive use chairs, or other Americon products, please contact me by email, phone or information request.
Americon OMNI Library Workstation
Introducing a clever approach to binder storage; it’s the new OMNI Library Workstation with integrated book case. Yes, the book case is built into the backside of the workstation making it an all-in-one product. This control room console can be either separate and freestanding as shown in the illustrations, or incorporated into rows of linear workstations. How many times have you seen control room console operators get up and walk to book cases on the other side of the room? We certainly have nothing against book cases; we’ve made many over the years. But why use individual book cases when the storage can be built into the workstation? Incorporating binder storage into the workstation also saves you money because a single integrated product will cost you less than individual products. This model can be made with or without a steel slat wall to attach monitor arms, task lights and phone mounts. The CPUs are stored in the base behind swing-out doors; rear doors are not necessary for equipment installation and service.
OMNI Library OMNI Library 1
Why don’t our competitors offer a library workstation? It’s simply that they either don’t know how to make them, or have never thought of it. This product is another winner from Americon. Contact me by email, phone or information request regarding the new OMNI Library Workstation, and other fine control room furniture products from Americon.
Americon Communicator Conference Table
Communicator Conference Table
Have a conference room that you’d like to turn into a dual-purpose room for both routine conferencing and emergency management? Then you’ve found the solution with Americon’s new modular Communicator Conference Table with built in computer storage in the base and a unique “flip” that folds the LCD monitors into the desktop creating a flat desktop surface for day to day conferencing. When the emergency operations center is activated, the staff simply turns on the computers, flips the monitors upward into place and turns them on, pulls out the keyboard/mouse platform and the EOC is ready to go. Options include door racks for keyboards and computers, laptop connections in the desktop, and locks for the monitor flips.
Communicator Conference Table
Make the best of valuable floor space with Americon’s custom cabinetry for large screen displays, speakers and publication binders. Safely store items like satellite receivers, recorders, and computers in the base. Americon will design, manufacture and install all furnishings and audiovisual electronics. There’s no need to coordinate acquisition and installation with more than one vendor. Americon can do it all with quality and efficiency.
The Communicator Conference Table saves you time, money and solves the problem. Americon continues to lead the way with unique products for technical furniture and large screen video applications. Contact me by email, phone or information request for more details and recommendations for your project.
Americon Desk Top Turrets
Americon Desk Top Turrets
Desk top turrets aren’t anything new, but have you ever seen turrets built into the desk top like these? Introducing Americon’s new low-profile desk top turrets for 4 RUs (rack units) or less. Our unique surface material along with the latest manufacturing processes allow us to offer free-formed, impact-resistant desk tops and turrets that have no seems and won’t chip or peel. Additionally, we incorporate continuous grommet slots into the turret tops for mounting monitor arms, task lights and other peripherals. This turret design makes mounting equipment arms easy and simplifies cable management.
Molded desk top turrets are a great fit for surveillance applications; examples are found on the security furniture page.
Another unique product only available from Americon; contact me for more information, by phone, email, or information request.
Americon Keyboard, Mouse, Storage Tray
Keyboard with Mouse Keyboard Trays
Short on desktop and storage space when drawers won’t fit and you need the ergonomic benefits of an adjustable keyboard surface? The answer is Americon’s new articulating keyboard with mouse tray that converts to pencil storage by simply moving the keyboard aside and removing the covers underneath. The covers are flush to the surface and easy to remove and replace. The operator doesn’t have to adjust the keyboard surface to access the storage space; just simply slide the tray in and out. The height and tilt adjustments are separate functions not affected by the sliding mechanism. This product is particularly valuable when floor space doesn’t allow for a workstation wider than three feet. Three feet width is adequate for an articulating keyboard tray, but not for drawer storage. Examples of compact workstations with articulating keyboard trays are shown on the EOC command center furniture page. Americon’s keyboard, mouse, storage tray is just another example of the company’s practical ingenuity that solves problems and saves money for the buyer.
This product is unique to the industry and available on all Americon control room furniture products. Contact me for more information by email, phone or information request.
Americon OMNI Control Console
Americon OMNI Control Console
Introducing the newest addition to the OMNI line of Americon control room furniture with refined looks and features that no other product can match.
The OMNI control room console was created as an alternative to boring uncomfortable consoles that don’t offer the appearance and performance required for modern operations centers and industrial control rooms. These environments tend toward monitoring rather than data entry so things like articulating keyboard trays and drawer pedestals are replaced by integrated pencil drawers. However, optional drawer pedestals can be added in place of, or in addition to pencil drawers. For rows of control room consoles, there is plenty of unobstructed leg space. The unique stackable slat wall incorporates a passive ventilation system that does not rely on mechanical fans and is designed so that monitor cables enter the front side of the slat wall out of sight.
For more information on Americon OMNI control room consoles, I can be reached by email, phone, or information request.
Americon Communicator II Emergency Operations Console
Americon Communicator II Emergency Operations Console
Announcing the addition of the new Communicator II to the line of Americon custom furniture designed for multi-purpose rooms. These rooms are typically used for training or conferencing then quickly converted to emergency operations centers during crisis by removing existing furniture and wheeling in these Communicator II workstations and hooking them up to pre-existing floor receptacles for data, power and phone. When the operations center is no longer in service, the Communicator II workstations are disconnected, folded, rolled out and stored until the next event. Each heavy-duty Communicator II is outfitted with a customized power and communications turret for laptop connection, however these workstations work equally well with standard monitor and CPU. This is truly the mobile furniture solution for converting an existing space into a fully functioning emergency operations room with least time and effort.
If I can answer questions about this one-of-a-kind product, please contact me by email, phone or Quick Contact.
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