Industrial Control Room Furniture and Consoles

OMNI industrial control consoles were created as an alternative to the control room desk that doesn’t offer the appearance, functionality and durability required for modern industrial control rooms. Since these environments tend toward monitoring rather than data entry, articulating keyboard trays and drawer pedestals are replaced by integrated pencil drawers. Keyboards reside on the desk top. However, drawer pedestals can be included in place of, or in addition to pencil drawers. For rows of control room consoles, there is unobstructed leg space for operators who monitor multiple stations and need to wheel from side to side without bumping their knees. The unique stackable slat wall incorporates a passive ventilation system that does not rely on mechanical fans and is designed so that monitor cables enter the front side of the slat wall out of sight.
Omni Control Console
OMNI industrial control consoles incorporate the standard features found in all of our command center furniture plus:
  • Finished designer end caps
  • Stackable slat walls
  • Passive slat wall ventilation system
  • Sculptured edges all around with integrated pencil drawers in bullnose
  • Slat walls that hide equipment cords
  • Slat wall Ethernet hubs with power and USB ports for laptops and other peripherals
  • Optional steel frame system
This versatile industrial control room furniture is expandable with cable pass-throughs between sections. Each console has front and rear access doors, adjustable glides, cable management, vented CPU shelf, and surge protected power strips. All of Americon command center furniture products are made with a unique surface material that is more durable than conventional laminates. It is a thicker, flexible laminate that encapsulates the entire panel on all sides and edges. This ensures that no surfaces are exposed to the elements. This material is also virtually impossible to chip, or strip away which means that your control room console will look newer and last longer than any product on the market. The durability characteristics of these control consoles fit perfectly with industrial environments where continuous 7/24 use, dust and corrosion are a fact of life.
Omni Control Console 1
The linear version of Americon process control room furniture is available in either individual freestanding versions, or interconnecting modules to form rows of consoles. All of the new features are optional, or combined to complete the most capable control room console that money can buy.
The Toughest Control Room Furniture on the Market – A Note from the Author
Unlike our competitors' consoles, OMNI industrial control room furniture does not need a steel frame because we use supporting panels that are a full 1.25” thick. These super-strong panels provide more than enough strength to support normal equipment requirements. However, we offer an optional frame system to meet special requirements and bid specifications, or when our prospective customers prefer a frame and are willing to pay for the additional support. For those who want to learn more about our console furniture products and want to see our entire product line, we have the largest command and control showroom in the U.S. Contact me for an appointment to meet at our Southern California factory showroom; you’ll find it worth the trip.
For more information on Americon process control room furniture, I can be reached by email, phone, information request or call me direct at 707.539.3321.
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