Emergency Operations Center Furniture

Communicator Modular Workstations - Unique in Design and Performance

Americon Communicator Workstations for emergency operations centers (EOC) include an optional flip panel feature for LCD monitors that allows the operator to manually pull the monitor forward and downward into the desktop creating a flat desktop, then by pressing with the fingertips, the monitor swings up and backward into place. When in the up position, the monitor is lowered and tilted to the appropriate viewing angle. When the monitor is in the down position the flat desk top can be used for large maps, binders and conferencing materials as well as laptop computers. The standard 3" x 3" Communicator Workstation has additional space for tower CPU, docking station, phone, and key board/mouse. As Communicator Workstations are not prefabricated, they can be made any size to accommodate additional equipment and storage requirements. These modular workstations can be configured in the "V" formation facing a video wall to allow staff to communicate with each other with an unobstructed view of the video wall, or placed back to back depending on the number of staff and the room's shape and size. The Communicator Workstations work well for collaboration, training, crisis management, and temporary workspace for overflow staff. These workstations can be repositioned easily, or relocated depending on the concept of operations.

LCD Monitor Panel in Flip Design LCD Monitor Panel in V Design Workstations LCD Display for Communication
Communicator Workstations
with Monitor Flips
Communicator Workstations
with Flat Desktop
Communicator Workstations and
Visionmaster DLP Video Wall
Communicator Conference Tables - Designed for Dual-Purpose

The Communicator Conference Table is designed for dual-purpose rooms that are typically used for conferencing then converted into an emergency operations center during a crisis. Many organizations have neither the space nor funding to dedicate a room to emergency management. For this reason, the Communicator Conference Table is a perfect fit with its flat desktop that converts to an operations table by flipping the existing monitors to the up position when the EOC is convened. The keyboard and mouse either reside on an articulating keyboard platform and put away under the desktop, or stored in a rack on the inside of the door when not in use. CPUs are stored inside the base; they either rest on the floor or are attached to the inside of the door depending on the application. Laptops in their docking stations can also be installed in the base. For larger dedicated EOCs, this table is ideal as work space for overflow staff, or break-out areas during the event. When the crisis is over, the monitors disappear into the desktop and are secured until needed again.

Conference Table With Monitors Down Conference Table With Monitors Up Keyboard Mouse Platform
Communicator Conference Table
With Monitors in the Down Position
Communicator Conference Table
With Monitors in the Up Position
Animation - Articulating Keyboard/Mouse
Platform With Hidden Storage Tray
Omni Workstations - Advanced Ergonomics

Americon Omni Workstations are designed to meet specific performance requirements that typically include a steel slat wall for attaching adjustable equipment arms for monitors, lights and phone mounts. These fully equipped workstations are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for both operations centers and dispatch applications. Our OMNI Workstations emphasize the operator's ability to adjust desk top tools for both convenience and visibility. Our Omni Workstations are typically larger that our Communicator Workstations and are available with a variety of optional storage pedestals, rack mount cabinets, enclosed CPU storage, turrets and organizational emblems.

Omni Workstation with Steel Slat Wall for Monitor Arms Omni Workstation with CPU Cabinet and Drawer Pedestal Omni Workstations with Custom Emblems and Desktop Turret
Omni Workstation with Steel
Slat Wall for Monitor Arms
Omni Workstation with CPU
Cabinet and Drawer Pedestal
Omni Workstations with Custom
Emblems and Desktop Turret
What You Should Know

Most emergency managers choose our Communicator Workstations over other types of workstations because their EOCs are not normally staffed 7/24 and when they are convened, the need for ease of communication between staff and an unobstructed view of the large video screens win over the ability to adjust their computer monitors to an ideal height. The Communicator Workstation is preferred because its desktop design hides the monitor when not in use by flipping it downward into the desktop creating a flat surface. Then for use, the monitor is flipped upward into place. This also lowers the monitor in the well so that the operator can easily see over it while keeping the monitor screen at an adequate focal length. Yes, the fixed monitor is somewhat of a compromise, however when most operators raise their monitors to an ideal height, they cannot see or communicate with the staff behind the monitors, or see the large video screens. However, if the EOC concept of operations and dispatch furniture layout are such that all operators can see and speak to each other when their monitors are raised and can see the large video screens as well, then our Omni Workstations are a viable choice. It's simply a matter of budget and what works best for your application.

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