Seating for Intensive Use

Americon is now offering several lines of chairs designed for around-the-clock use. Each of these chairs is built with the highest quality materials supported by a 5 year component warranty and 10 years warranty for the frame. You can depend that each of these chairs will hold up under the most demanding conditions. Why take a chance with a brand name office chair that you hope will do the job? Let me guide you to the chair that’s best suited to your application and budget. Purchasing control room furniture? Make it a package purchase with both furniture and chairs to save money.
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Plush, Super Comfortable Control Room Chairs - A Note from the Author

Until recently, we didn’t offer many chairs built for 24/7 use. In fact, we didn’t offer many chairs at all because of low demand. What we did offer were a few capable chairs for bid packages. I was rarely asked to quote a chair without a console furniture component and rarely mentioned chairs to my customers because they seemed to have other sources. It wasn’t until I began to spend more time discussing chairs with my customers that I learned that many of my customers were buying chairs without knowing much about them. The conversation seemed to keep going back to their dissatisfaction with the chairs they have and that they didn’t know who to ask for the information in a condensed form that they could use to make a decision. They indicated that because there are so many chairs on the market with so many features that they just didn’t bother to take the time to investigate and often delegated the decision to someone else who often bought the wrong chair for the job. I didn’t think much about the importance of quality chairs that must stand up to constant use day in and day out. But then I don’t have to sit all day in worn out chairs that are falling apart, or are cheap imitations of the real thing. And when I say the real thing, I mean chairs designed for comfort and 24 hours use. It quickly became clear to me that with intensive use chairs, you get what you pay for. So, I got smart on 24/7 seating. I spoke with our customers and did an analysis of the top chairs on the market. We put our heads together and settled on what we think are a solid line of chairs and the best products on the market. Our best selling chair comes from lessons learned from the automotive industry; it resembles a captain’s chair on a yacht, or a top-of-the-line SUV. It’s not the least expensive chair on the market, but what comfort and value!
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Just look at the plush detail. I have to say that the first time I sat in one of these chairs, I couldn’t believe the comfort. I didn’t want to get out of the chair. The model with the large sliding arms is especially comfortable. Check them out; soft, durable leather with fine detail and standard features that most people would want and need. Don’t like leather? This chair is also available in fabric with a range of colors. These chairs are special order and understandably take time to make and deliver; they aren’t office chairs waiting in a warehouse to be shipped.
Want to personalize your chair and impress visitors? I can special order custom organizational logos embroidered in colors on the front of the chair. In fact, I’m offering embroidered logos standard with every chair; if you don’t want the logos, they can be discounted.
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I should add that we do not intend to offer a wide variety of name brands, nor do we intend to offer more colors and features than you have time to consider. We are offering a select brand of the best chairs with the features that we know our customers want. Our goal is to simplify the process and satisfy our customers with the best product for the price and guarantee that the chairs will look last for many years even under constant use.
For more information on the latest Americon seating solutions for 24/7 environments, control room furniture or video walls, complete my information request, or call me for assistance at 707.539.3321.
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