Video Teleconferencing (VTC) System

Americon takes a singular approach to video conferencing presentation with an integrated system of audiovisual components for more than one application. This system is a unique modular video conferencing system designed for board rooms, emergency operations, and/or control rooms. As an alternative to our ultra-thin mullion displays found in our LCD video wall, we have constructed an economical system capable of handling day to day video conferencing and anything else from managing emergencies to monitoring important mission critical networks. This VTC presentation system incorporates two or more huge high resolution LCD panels and supporting electronics in a beautifully crafted modular cabinet. Included is camera, integrated audio and high definition LCD panels in several sizes. The system also incorporates optional time zone clocks, built in video signal processing, and touch panel control to get the most of the system. This product is a great combination of real time monitoring and video conferencing that’s a powerful tool for either a dual purpose room or control center.
The Americon Visionmaster VTC system is customized to the width of the wall and ceiling height; and it isn’t limited to only 2 LCD panels. For example, if you want 2 panels for video conferencing and a third panel for TV, it’s easily done. The cabinet has rack mounts for the electronics and additional space for computers, binders and office supplies. Our trained installers will have the system up and running and training completed in one day in most cases.
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Consider an Upgrade in Performance - A Note from the Author

I like the Visionmaster VTC audiovisual package for its price and flexibility. The description pretty much says it all. When we first introduced the new Visionmaster VTC system I was impressed with its large, high resolution LCD displays in a beautiful cabinet that would make any conference room owner proud. I wasn’t surprised to learn that these displays have a built-in ability to display quad view and picture in picture, which is ideal for some emergency management and control room applications.

However, the Visionmaster VTC system can do better. It can easily rise to the level of modern video walls by simply introducing a video wall processor (controller) to the components. This is the same processor at work with our Visionmaster video walls, and what I described on the video wall systems page. The processor allows the operator to select from a multitude of sources, size and place them anywhere on the screen. This capability goes far beyond quad view and picture in picture. PRO: The processor is relatively expensive, but what you get for the money, in my opinion, makes sense for many applications. CON: But, be aware that today’s high resolution 1080 standard doesn’t do well with miniaturized images because the space between the pixels makes the image a bit rough. PRO: But looking ahead, 4K resolution is changing things. 4K is simply 4 times the resolution of 1080. This means less space between pixels and better quality even from a 1080 source. CON: However, be aware that today’s video processors only output 1080 resolution, so you will not receive the 4K benefits from a video processor until the processors catch up with 4K technology. 4K displays are relatively expensive now and true 4K sources are not readily available, so you’d have to ask yourself if the return on investment is there when a less expensive 1080 product could do the job. Larger format 4K displays will be arriving in the coming months; check them out and consider your options.

Visionmaster VTC system
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