Personal Workspace Manager with Environmental Control

Americon has developed a unique solution for consolidating control of important components on the desk top while integrating an environmental control method that really works and costs less than the best known alternative. The new Personal Workspace Manager (PWM) provides fingertip control of personal fan cooling, heater, task lighting and sit to stand actuators by way of a programmable touch panel on the desktop.


It’s of critical importance that operators have centralized control of as many activities as possible to minimize interruptions. To this end, our engineers and designers focused on a convenient system that’s easy to operate, controls critical functions, and provides heat and fan cooling in a method that does the job efficiently at reasonable cost.

Personal Workspace Manager
It wasn’t long ago that operators used space heaters on the floor under their workstations and a fan on the desktop to move stagnant air. In fact, space heaters and desktop fans are still in use at some places. Certainly there are a number of draw-backs as well as safety issues with these appliances. Space heaters could burn the operator’s ankles, take up valuable space and limit the operator’s movement. When it’s cold in the room, the operator is more likely to stay in a position where the feet are closest to the space heater and not move unless necessary; this could impede the operator’s overall job performance. The same can be said for the desk top fan and worse, the fan takes up desktop space and is likely to be pulled off the desktop as the desktop surfaces move up and down. Aside from the deficiencies that I have described, these appliances do a terrible job at heating and cooling.

Enter the Americon PWM. This all-in-one control system is the answer. We took the lead from the auto and RV industries where climate control is a standard feature. After all, why “reinvent the wheel”? Go with something that’s already proven itself efficient and dependable year after year. Our PWM is designed for both technical and office furniture. It’s a self-contained module that’s installed during manufacturing, or can be installed in existing furniture by simply cutting a hole in the desk top and dropping it in. It’s powered by a single 15 AMP/120V 6’ long power cord. The PWM provides filtered air above and below the desk top. The heating and fan are adjusted by finger touch; it has directional air at varying levels over a broad CFM range through directional nozzles. This means the user can personalize the intensity and direction of the air flow. Heated air is generated by an integrated electric heater core and fan similar to those used in motor homes and yachts. The programmable LCD panel controls individual fan speeds, heat temperature, dual task lighting and sit to stand linear actuators. Power from each source plugs directly into either side of the PWM which minimizes the need for multiple power strips. We tapped infrared technology that shuts the system down if unattended for longer than ten minutes. As the sensor detects motion, it returns to the same settings.

Americon PWM
The PWM profile isn’t very large and works with almost any size desk. The appliance ascends 5” above the desk top and descends 12” below the desk top. To install in existing furniture, simply cut a 14” x 5” rectangular hole in the desk top; drop the appliance in and secure it. A perimeter garnish ring ensures that a rough cut-out isn’t visible.
For furniture that has storage cavities below the desk top in front of the operator, we provide an optional ducting kit to expel heated air out the enclosure’s front panel. We also offer a plenum kit that brings cool filtered air from the pressurized raised floor through the PWM to the desk top fan.
Compare the simplicity of our product and price to the only competing product on the market. The PWM is available for all Americon technical furniture and can be purchased individually for other furniture applications.

An Important Invention that Really Works - A Note from the Author

You might wonder why I dedicated an entire web page to the PWM. After all, it’s not a product line; it’s an accessory. And like all other accessories, it would normally be found on the Furniture Options and Accessories page. I gave the PWM its own page because I believe its importance to our industry shouldn’t be underestimated so I made it as visible as possible. Those that sit at furniture whether it be in dispatch centers, control rooms or offices, can benefit greatly from this product especially users in extreme climates. To be clear, fan cooling isn’t air conditioning; it’s fan air and not cooled unless connected to a plenum. The PWM is not a replacement for HVAC; it augments HVAC to the extent that it builds on HVAC temperature controls for individualized comfort. This product is simple in concept, does what we say and can even be added to existing furniture. Your order either installs the PWM in your new Americon furniture, or puts it in the mail.
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