Technical Furniture and Audiovisual Solutions for Homeland Security

Americon takes the lead on technical furniture and audiovisual systems for command and control environments focused on keeping the United States homeland safe. Recognizing the long lead times for government purchases, we have developed products that can be designed, manufactured and shipped quickly for immediate deployment. For this reason, we offer both technical furniture and video wall packages that can be evaluated and purchased quickly from existing federal GSA contracts at unusually low contract pricing. Lowest pricing is our way of contributing to the efforts of DHS agencies that plan and prepare for the unexpected. It’s not our intent to offer a long laundry list of products and accessories for emergency management that will complicate matters and slow the acquisition process; our goal is to provide what our customers say is required to implement a fully capable emergency operations center that meets their individual needs at least cost. This includes speedy consultation, space planning and the latest technology that meet requirements anywhere in world. This way we cut through the confusion with recommendations that we know will work because we have done it before and understand our customers’ goals and objectives.


You can see from the Homeland Security menu subsets that I have presented five topics for designing and outfitting an emergency operations center with the latest technical furniture designs and audiovisual technology. They comprise:

Homeland Security
  • Components and examples of real world projects.
  • Designs and recommendations.
  • Ideas for space planning.
  • Proven furniture designs that offer variety and performance.
  • Simplified audiovisual solutions that do the job.

I hope that this information proves helpful. We take defense of our homeland seriously and support emergency managers and first responders by ensuring they get what they want when they want it. Our manufacturing capability is such that we have never missed an agreed upon delivery date. As with all of my customers, I give immediate and personalized service to those who are our first line of defense. To that end, we also offer special contract agreements with the states and municipalities to ensure that their emergency management community is served in a timely and cost effective manner. Look to Americon for solutions that field modern emergency operations centers quickly with the latest products and technologies.

Homeland Security View

Simplified Designs and Modern Manufacturing are the Answer - A Note from the Author

Most of what we manufacture is designed to be shipped in assembled modules to make installation easy if our customers choose to do their own installation to save time and money. In many cases no assembly is necessary at all; just bring the completed modules into the room and put them in place. This speeds the implementation process and saves our customers money by not having to send factory installers to do the work. How do we make technical furniture that our customers can install themselves? Well, that’s the result of smart thinking and many years working with unique materials that allow us to design products that can be quickly manufactured and assembled in easy-to-handle modules. No steel frames that get in the way of equipment storage; no exterior metal panels that dent and scratch; no prefabricated products done their way instead of yours; no complicated installation process; no chipping, scratching or de-gluing of the surface material to name a few of the characteristics of competing products. Conversely, our products are completely different making them simple for our customers to install themselves. Many of our projects are only one to three furniture pieces and it just wouldn’t make business sense if we had to send a factory installer along with each shipment. This would obviously cost more for our customers and take more time. When it comes to audiovisual systems installation, I can say the same. We keep it simple with modular self-contained LCD video wall systems that can be installed by a qualified electronics technician under our guidance. However, we have an experienced factory installation staff that can install our products anywhere in the US.
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