Electronic Media Center and Map Cabinet

The Americon Electronic Media Center (EMC-1000) replaces traditional map cabinets with their oversize map drawers. It’s also a perfect collaboration tool for boardrooms, conference rooms and operations centers where people gather to make important decisions that could affect our daily lives. The media center is an all-in-one console with built-in touch panel control and powerful embedded computer. Its durable hydraulics adjusts the angle of the large display, and its slim profile with heavy-duty castors allows it to be rolled through a standard doorway.
EMC console EMC console1
The EMC-1000 media console is designed to replace inefficient map files that take up too much space and cost a ton to archive and store. No more rummaging through drawers of cumbersome paper maps only to find that the map you are looking for isn’t there. Worse, you’ve lost all that time and have to suffer through another search. Sometimes just finding an adequate desktop to spread the maps can be frustrating, and then it seems there’s never anyone around when you need help.
The good news is that if a map exists in electronic form, then it can be retrieved and displayed on the EMC console. A simple switch raises and lowers the display quietly and safely. You can move through map files quickly and easily while enlarging and reducing the size of the map as you go. You can do just about anything with the EMC console that you can do with any touch panel device.
EMC console3 EMC console4
Use the EMC console for other things like internet access and conferencing. Gather around the console for planning and collaboration. Push a button to raise and tilt the screen for presentations to groups; think mobility and augmentation for training, military, emergency management and conferencing.
In particular, the EMC console lends itself to military planning, emergency operations and 911 dispatch where professionals have to stay ahead of unfolding events. This console is what engineers, architects and operations staff has been waiting for. It’s mobile and converts to other uses as needs dictate. It can be for map analysis one day and operations management the next day, or both at the same time.
The applications for this product are growing and the return on investment is obvious. Here are a few of the advantages of the EMC console:
  • Gain floor space
  • Reduce furniture costs
  • Ease of operation
  • Improve efficiency; access to a wide variety of information quickly
  • Eliminate employee frustration and avoidance
  • Use as a presentation and collaboration tool

Features Include:

  • Windows 8 touch panel control
  • Hand crafted cabinet with ample storage space
  • Integrated 55”diagonal industrial grade LED backlit display with embedded computer and 350 gigabits of solid state storage
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and dual external USB ports that connect with printers, thumb drives, keyboards and mice
  • Ethernet connector on backside of the console
  • Unique motorized system for lifting and lowering the display
  • Internal power strip and cable management system
  • Heavy-rated industrial grade wheels
  • Interface with video walls and video conferencing systems
  • Built to last with the same unique 24/7 materials as our control room furniture

An Exceptional Product that Pays for Itself – A Note from the Author

Our designers came up with a creative replacement for conventional map cabinets. Map cabinets can be expensive and take up too much floor space. We make custom map cabinets so I know what they cost and how large they can be. Our map cabinets are pricey primarily because there’s a lot of custom design time and materials involved. The touch panel feature on the media center console has a keyboard on the display, however we’re considering an integrated keyboard and mouse for those who prefer them over the touch screen. The EMC console is self-contained with everything we could think of, so there are no options available at this time. What you see is what you get and you get a lot for the money. If you want to do a presentation, just plug in your thumb drive and load up. The Windows 8 software comes with Internet Explorer, however if you want programs like Acrobat and Windows Office suite, you’ll have to install them yourself. What programs you use are all according to what you want to do with the media center.
For more information on the EMC-1000 console, or other Americon products or services, please contact me by email or phone at 707.539.3321.
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