Video Wall Display Systems

There is a variety of large screen video technologies on the market today, but not every technology is appropriate for mission-critical operations. DLP, LED illuminated DLP and LCD are the most common for control rooms and command centers. There are different ways of acquiring the information you display, and different technology for controlling and managing that information. The answer are modern video wall display systems that bring proven technology together in an integrated system that does much more than just attaching displays to the wall and connecting a switch. Large projectors and hardwired switches are outdated technology and have limited application in today's mission-critical environments. Modern video wall display systems make more information available faster, which means faster, better decision-making.

High performance, dependability and low cost of ownership are just a few of the attributes of video wall display systems, often referred to as data walls. Video walls are comprised of individual displays placed edge-to-edge to create a larger unified display, or matrix. Video walls can be increased in overall size by adding displays horizontally and/or vertically. To complete the video wall system, connect a video wall processor that sends the signals to the displays and by use of a keyboard and mouse, the images can be sized and placed anywhere on the video wall. Used as a monitoring tool, videowalls enhance the operator's effectiveness in responding to problems quickly as they arise.

Video Wall Systems

Visionmaster Video Wall Systems – An Alternative to Wall-Mounted Displays

Americon Visionmaster video wall display systems are the latest in video wall technology. They are fully modular, self-contained, free standing, portable and expandable. Visionmaster video walls have a shallow depth between 12" and 24" and height typically between 7' and 12' making them suitable for control rooms of all sizes, and dual purpose environments like conference rooms. Custom size video walls are also available.
Visionmaster video wall display systems are comprised of a video processor (controller), the latest high definition displays, optional sound system, wireless keyboard with mouse, integrated equipment racks, storage space, custom cabinetry, connectivity and optional installation and training. The Visionmaster video wall is designed in a modular fashion with simplicity that allows a qualified electronics specialist to do the installation. However, Americon can provide both factory installation and training if requested. Other features such as a video conferencing interface, touch panel control and distributed audio are also available.

Characteristics of Visionmaster Video Wall Systems

  • Serviceable from the front and rear.
  • Available in a variety of individual screen sizes; operator has complete control over picture size and placement.
  • Modular and free standing with all components including optional audio speakers stored in the base.
  • Cost savings with cabinet solution over mounting displays on the wall.
  • Displays can be raised to ceiling height when many wall mounted systems can’t.
  • Display network applications, DVD, satellite, cable, video conferencing and computer images simultaneously.
  • Assign hot keys for combinations of images and recall them quickly and easily.
The DLP/LED and LCD video wall pages offer in-depth information on each technology, however there are still many factors to consider. To start, there are considerations to the room size, ceiling height, quantity and types of sources to be displayed, as well as budget. I should point out that although our Visionmaster video walls are free standing and self-contained, we do install video wall systems on the wall if that is your preference. Contact me for a free needs analysis and cost estimate for your project. I look forward to hearing from you by phone or Information Request.
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