Emergency Operations Centers

A well-equipped modern emergency operations center (EOC) is key to a coordinated response and is the focal point for managing activities that occur during the event. Emergency operations centers are designed to facilitate mission critical activities such as command and control, training and dispatch. The success of each of these activities is directly related to space planning, ergonomic furniture design, and audiovisual monitoring within the operations center. As a leading control room designer, custom furniture manufacturer and audiovisual systems integrator, Americon ensures that every operations center it outfits creates an environment for effective interaction between teams and decision-makers.

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Federal Emergency Health Care Management Center Municipal Emergency Management Center Military Departement Emergency Management Centers Metropolitan Area Emergency Management Centers
Federal Emergency Operations
Municipal Emergency Operations
Military Emergency Operations
Metro Emergency Operations

Emergency Operations Center Furniture: The design and layout of specialized furniture ensures that operators work in a comfortable and convenient environment with the necessary tools placed at their fingertips. A well planned furniture layout ensures successful interaction between teams and allows the flexibility to rearrange as requirements change.

Dispatch Furniture: Specialized dispatch furniture may also be a component of a modern emergency operations center. Custom-made ergonomic dispatch furniture support communications and security requirements with furniture designed specifically for that purpose.

Video Wall Systems: DLP, LED, and LCD video wall systems bring real-time data and information in an intuitive form that speeds decision-making. In emergencies, audiovisual systems could be the only link to the outside.

Videowall Display for Operation Centers LCD Video Wall screens for Management Centers
Communicator Workstations and Visionmaster
DLP Video Wall
Activated EOC with Monitor Flips and
Video Wall Monitoring

Americon on CNBC's World Business Review.

Americon is leading the way with unique control room furniture and video display solutions designed for all facets of emergency operations. Americon’s president appeared on CNBC to discuss the issues confronting the emergency management community and what Americon is doing to bring emergency managers the tools they need faster.

See Americon emergency management solutions video on World Business Report World Business Report

Ask me about our turnkey packages for the modern emergency operations center. The package includes needs analysis, drawings, customized workstations and our matching, modular Visionmaster video wall systems configured for your application. It’s a simple and cost effective approach that includes exactly what you need to get your operation up and running quickly.
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