Classic Modular Furniture for Call Centers, Office and Control Rooms

Designed for intensive use, Americon Classic modular furniture is not office systems furniture. This unique furniture line is designed for demanding environments where performance, good looks and durability are a must. Classic modular furniture is not pre-fabricated and is not made of a hundred metal parts making assembly a nightmare. This furniture is made-to-order, and works as well in an office environment as in a call center or control room. It's made of the same high quality materials as our 24/7 control room furniture and can be outfitted for control room duty when the need arises. We ship the furniture in pre-assembled modules that pass through a standard doorway. You can choose to install it yourself and save money, or we'll do the installation for you.

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Classic workstation with custom logo panels Classic workstation with optional flip-monitor feature Custom design workstation
Classic Modular Workstations Classic Modular Workstations Custom Designed Workstations
At first glance, you might think that Americon Classic modular furniture is a new type of prestigious office furniture with its refinements and optional desktop monitor flip. However, it’s more than that. Classic modular furniture is a customized product designed for intensive use 24/7 365 days a year. It has all of the features of systems furniture plus options for control room applications and actually costs less than most top brand office furniture. Unlike its prefabricated counterparts, Classic modular furniture is made to your specifications whether it’s a call center, control room, dispatch operation, office or custom application. As with all of our furniture lines, we make it your way. This furniture works especially well for administration areas within command control centers where management staff is located in the same facility and requires frequent interaction with the command center staff. In this case, all of the furniture in the facility would match in material and color while meeting the same stringent 24/7 requirements for durability. Classic modular furniture will look newer and last longer than office systems furniture which further bolsters its return on investment (ROI).

Design and Construction


Classic modular furniture is not the pre-fabricated catalogue furniture that you see everywhere else. It’s not like office systems furniture made with thin panels and a hundred metal parts requiring factory installers to do the job when you’d rather do it yourself at the time of your choosing and save money. The Classic modular furniture design and construction make it easy for the owner to install because it arrives assembled in modules that are easy to put in place and complete assembly. This modular furniture is not made of conventional laminate surfaces that chip and come apart within a few years; and unlike metal, it’s far more impact resistant and doesn’t scratch or dent. Classic modular furniture has thicker heavy-duty panels surfaced by a unique flexible material securing all edges and surfaces from exposure and damage. This means that our furniture will look newer and last longer than office products.

classic modular furniture

Furniture Options

Americon Classic modular furniture, while having the features of office furniture, offers more options for both control rooms and offices than any product on the market. This modular furniture is designed for simplicity and practicality.
Here are the options:
  • Low or standard height profiles
  • Overhead storage hutches
  • Flip-panel monitor system for dual purpose desktop
  • Drawer pedestals, integrated, freestanding or mobile
  • Pencil drawers
  • CPU cabinets, standard or vented
  • Printer enclosures
  • Lateral files
  • Articulating keyboard/mouse platforms
  • Tackable fabric panels
  • Integrated steel slat walls for equipment arms
  • Halo lights and task lights attachable to the slat wall
  • Adjustable monitor arms attachable to the slat wall
  • Adjustable phone arms attachable to the slat wall
  • Embossed organizational logos
Americon Classic modular furniture meets or exceeds ANSI-BIFMA standards and is available on GSA contract for federal acquisitions.

The Crossover – A Note from the Author


Although our Classic modular furniture works well as it is for both administrative offices and control rooms, this furniture can also be a crossover between the two environments. Otherwise, it doesn’t have to be either, or. This furniture can have the features of both office furniture and control consoles in one design. The crossover is ideal for small control rooms that require more storage space than what is typical for control rooms. This normally means that the furniture would have to be placed against the wall and maybe in a corner to make the most of the floor space. Our Classic modular furniture is a perfect fit with its combination of overhead storage and steel slat wall with adjustable equipment arms used in most control rooms.

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