Dispatch Center Furniture

Style-smart and functional; Americon's dispatch center furniture has all of the features that make the operator's long hours easier. Add accessories, include an ergonomic lift for sit-to-stand, make it longer, make it deeper, curve it, or integrate book storage. There's a multitude of possibilities. Why settle for pre-fabricated metal furniture that limits your options when you can custom design your furniture the way you want it.
Americon manufactures control room furniture to your specifications. Ask me about the unique surface material we use for all of our command center furniture styles. This material makes our dispatch center furniture more durable and longer lasting than any other dispatch workstation on the market. This means no unsightly scratching, no chipping, and no de-gluing typical of conventional laminates. No other manufacturer can match this material for durability and refined good looks. Your Americon dispatch furniture will look as good in ten years as the day it was installed.

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OMNI Concentric Arc Dispatch Furniture OMNI 120 Degree Workstation OMNI Split-Level Workstation OMNI 90 Degree Workstation
OMNI Concentric
Arc Workstation
OMNI 120 Degree
OMNI Split-Level
OMNI 90 Degree
Americon dispatch center furniture is available with a variety of accessories and desktop lifts for sit-to-stand. Choose from manually adjusting crank or lever versions, or move up to powerful motorized systems. These motorized lifting systems include independently operating keyboard and monitor surfaces, or flat desktop. All of Americon command center furniture accepts ergonomic monitor arms that add adjustability to either stationary, or lifting surfaces.

About Dispatch Center Furniture Design

For those of you that are set on split level workstation furniture, we make the best version on the market. However, that doesn’t mean that we entirely agree that an adjustable split level workstation is superior to the alternative adjustable flat desktop type. Nonetheless, we believe that both types have their place. That said, we have the benefit of 30 years experience designing and manufacturing control room furniture for all industries including dispatch, and from that experience, we bring a broader view of control room furniture design and its applications to a wide variety of environments. This means that we don’t look at command center furniture design the same way that other manufacturers do. Otherwise, we have learned what works and what doesn’t and we’re not blinded by the paradigms existing in the dispatch industry.


We have drawn clear differences in how we design our dispatch center furniture and the materials we use to make them. This means superior functionality, smarter equipment storage solutions, and products that look newer and last longer than any other command center furniture product on the market.

Dispatch Furniture

Specifications for Dispatch Center Furniture Manufactured by Americon

  • Plenty of work space and leg room
  • Full monitor adjustability
  • Ample personal storage
  • Radio and electronics accessibility
  • Placement of keyboards directly in front of the monitors
  • Fast and easy transition from sit to stand
  • Easy access to phones, stored hardware and cables
  • Full task light adjustability with bright lighting
  • Comfortable personal cooling and heating
  • Sound abatement
  • Comfortable, adjustable chair designated for 7/24 use
Our experience tells us that operators begin their shift by setting up their consoles to individual preferences. The tools have to be in the right place, or the operator is uncomfortable and less efficient. Monitors should be mounted on adjustable arms and pre-programmed lifting surfaces should be in place. Recognizing that leg room is extremely important, we have developed split-level dispatch center furniture without metal legs typical of table systems. We build all of the lifting components into the base with front and rear access, and space for CPUs. The ample space under the work surface is free of obstructions so that the operator has more area within which to work. Additional freestanding cabinets can be added to either side to house peripherals and drawer storage.
Alternative flat desktop lifts take another approach with their hydraulics that lift the entire workstation and all components on powerful telescoping legs. Equipment and enclosures move together so that everything maintains the same relationship to the operator as the workstation moves up and down. Unlike the split-level version, the flat desktop offers more usable desktop space and avoids the pinch points where two surfaces come together.
Regardless of which sit-to-stand product that you prefer, you can be sure that you are buying the highest quality at an affordable price. I’d be pleased to discuss the options with you. Call me on 707.539.3321 or contact me by email or Information Request.
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