Control Room Design Standards and Implementation

Americon is a leading control room furniture manufacturer and audiovisual systems integrator specializing in control rooms for mission-critical operations.


In my world, the words “control room” are synonymous for command and control centers (military and civilian), network operations centers (NOC), emergency operations centers (EOC), security operations centers (SOC), 911 dispatch and alike. I have many years experience working with users and architects, integrators and consultants on behalf of their clients. I make your job easier with ideas and technical support that speed the control room design process. Your vision and my practical approach to design control room will save you time, money and bring you an environment designed specifically for people who do specialized work on a 7/24 basis.

  Control Room Design

Let’s keep it simple. Control room design standards for space planning and implementation aren’t complicated to me. I can help with free design services to get your project started. Just email me your AutoCAD or Visio drawings and I'll come up with a design solution that exceeds your expectations. No AutoCAD or Visio drawings? Then send me a dimensioned sketch by email or fax. Pricing and product specifications are also available.


If you should need the resources of a construction company, architect, or integrator that specializes in critical facilities, I can make a recommendation.If you are an architect, I can help with product information and design assistance.


Check out the control room furniture and dispatch furniture pages, and let's talk about how specialized control room furniture and video walls can compliment each other to make the work environment more efficient and productive. Emergency operations center design is a subset of control room design, however given the continuing interest in modernizing emergency management at all governmental levels, I’m treating it individually with its own pages, specific guidance and examples of the most popular room layouts. All products you see meet modern control room design standards for ergonomics, space planning, performance and durability.


For other examples of our work, see the project photos pages. These are not the computer-generated renderings you see on other web sites. These are photos of real control rooms, command centers, network operations centers (NOC), traffic management centers (TMC) and emergency operations centers (EOC).

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" The information received from Jerry has been ideal. Client interface with great furniture design resulted in efficient, high-quality dispatch rooms."
- P. Hancock, IIDA
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"Mr. Herrington's proposal exceeded the client's expectations. He met all requests in a timely manner and was a pleasure to work with."
- A. Trosclair, Interior Designer
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