Control Rooms

Americon is the leading manufacturer of technical furniture and video walls for oil and gas, emergency operations, process management, network operations, traffic management, and security surveillance. Our in-house staff of designers, engineers and experienced manufacturing specialists have executed over 5,000 projects since 1978.
You’ll see from these project photos that our control room furniture isn’t made of light-weight metal, or thin plywood panels like others in our industry. Our furniture products are manufactured with a thick MDF core and clad in the most durable surface material on the market. This means tough, impact resistance and no chipping or stripping away like conventional laminates. Our modular furniture designs pack a lot of capacity in a small footprint. Each of our dispatch furniture lines is custom manufactured with large cavities for drawer storage, rack mounts and large CPUs. The latest ergonomic designs, durability and performance are what you buy; don’t settle for anything else.
Please note that what you see are photos of real projects; not those slick conceptual renderings you see on other web sites. The ability to do attractive renderings doesn’t mean that they can provide what they say, that their products will perform as advertised and that they will be delivered on time. Conversely, we have been at it for many years and have a proven track record.

Your organization is unique. Let me help you create a customized work environment that speaks to the specialized work that you do every day. Have questions about these projects? Email or call me at 707.539.3321 for more information.

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Security Control Defense Traffic Management Process Control Pipeline Control Process Control - Mining
1) Security Consoles and
LCD Video Wall
2) TMC Consoles and
DLP Video Wall
3) Polyfilm Industry
Control Consoles
4) Oil Industry
Control Consoles
5) Mining Industry Control
Consoles and DLP Video Wall
Utility Control Process Control - Mining Operations Emergency Dispatch Process Control - Oil Industry Water Utility Control
6) Utility Control Consoles 7) Mining Industry
Control Consoles
8) 911 Dispatch Consoles 9) Oil Industry
Control Consoles
10) Utility Control Consoles
Network Operations Network and Computer Operations Process Control - Manufacturing Operations Control Global Satellite Services Process Control - Chemicals
11) Operations Consoles
and DLP Video Wall
12) Financial Operations
Consoles & DLP Video Wall
13) Process
Control Consoles
14) Satellite
Operations Consoles
15) Chemical
Operations Consoles
Process Control - Chemicals Network Operations - Food Distribution Network Operations and Product Demonstration Utility Control - Municipality Trading Floor - Investments
16) Chemical
Operations Consoles
17) Distribution
Operations Consoles
18) Product
Demonstration Consoles
19) Utility Control Consoles 20) Trading Floor Consoles
Traffic Management - Municipality Traffic Management - Municipality1 Operations Management - Sea Port Test Facility - Military Process Control - Paper Mill
21) TMC Consoles
and DLP Video Wall
22) TMC Consoles
with Front Projection
23) Seaport
Operations Consoles
24) R & D Consoles 25) Manufacturing
Control Consoles
Test Control - Military Test Control - Military1 Emergency Operations - State Computer Operations - Financial Services Computer Operations - Financial Services
26) R & D Consoles 27) R & D Consoles 28) EOC Consoles 29) Financial
Operations Consoles
30) Financial
Operations Consoles
Computer Operations - Financial Services1 Network Operations - Satellite Services Computer Operations - Aerospace Security Control - Manufacturing Oil Industry Consoles with LCD Panels
31) Financial
Operations Consoles
32) Satellite Operations
Console with Rear Projection
33) Aerospace
Operations Consoles
34) Security Consoles 35) Oil Industry Consoles
with LCD Panels
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